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Thru Spoken Word Poetry - TAPN2U


A Help To Heal Foundation

Empowerment Thru Spoken Word Poetry - TAPN2U is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization geared towards helping our Global community heal by elevating, encouraging, and enhancing Love and Peace via advocacy, cultural arts, and philanthropy. 

Caring For Our Community
Nationally and Internationally

Standing With People, Places and Causes

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Cultural Arts

ESWP cultural arts deliver messages of empowerment via speaker's platform, such as spoken word, seminars, and workshops. We use our cultural arts platform to support the elevation of individual self-belief, love, and trust. ESWP assist individuals in recovering their purpose and passion by helping to enrich their inner life.

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ESWP is "A Help to Heal" Foundation. Reaching our Global Community, gracefully impacting our Home (Planet), Heart, thereby touching the lives of our neighbors- next door and beyond- through the giving of our time and our resources. 

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ESWP advocates for mental health and well-being for all. Our global priority is to elevate peace, love, and inner personal development. We are committed to helping to heal and give voice to those whose lives are impacted by: Rare Disease, and IPDV/DA-Intimate Partner Domestic Violence. We also advocate for Human Rights & Global Climate Change.


Empowerment Thru Spoken Word Poetry

Delivering messages of inspiration, encouragement and empowerment 

Lyrical Healing

Poetry Roundtable

Intuitive Art



Giving Initiatives

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