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A Help To Heal

Positively affecting our community by inspiring, encouraging and enhancing empowerment in alignment with SDG: 1# No Poverty, 3# Good Health and Well-Being, 4# Education,

8# Work and Development, 13# Climate Action,

14# Peace and Justice.


Cultural Arts



        Our Work

  • TAPN2U World Peace Partners

  • Rare Disease (Auto Immune) 


  • Social Cause of the Month

  • Sister Journeying Together [Regina C. Hall]

  • Global Mantra [Anu Nadimpalli]

      Intrinsic Connection

  • TAPN2U Experience

  • Lyrical Healing (workshop)

  • Intuitive Art

  • Poetry Roundtable

  • Poetry Power Recital

  • The Healing Verse Blog

  • Poetry & Prose Workshop

                Helping to Heal

  • School in Burkina Faso, West Africa, a partnership with

  • Neighborhood School Drive, Michigan USA

  • Ufungo Community Development Project

  • Clean the Closet-Care to Share Campaign

  • Abdi Gudina Charity Organization-Ethiopia

  • COVID"Masks for Michigan" 

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